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Buying and Installing Erosion Blankets for Your Garden

Living in the mountains, I see more erosion problems than I care to. When it rains we have a brownish red river that flows down our road to the highway. Why is the water brownish red? Of course our water is brownish red because we are in the rocky mountains, yours may be just dark brown. Regardless the color, it all is due to erosion of the ground. What is erosion exactly? Erosion is what happens to the soil during rains, especially heavy rains, and it happens mainly where the soil has been disturbed, (see photo), for instance, in a garden, or on a hill side where the hill has been excavated for modern day living, roads, housing, etc. When it rains, it causes the soil to be dug up by the rains, then the flowing water scrapes away the surface, and before you know it, you have gully’s, and valleys flowing through your yard and garden, and this not only looks unsightly, it also washes away your plant seeds, and, or, your plants!

If you are like our family, you like having a garden, whether it be a flower garden, or a vegetable garden, if you have an erosion problem, you are not going to have a good garden! Not to fear, there is help out there for your gardens erosion problem, an erosion blanket is the answer! The following will help you with buying and installing erosion blankets for your garden.

So what exactly is an erosion blanket? An erosion blanket is a roll of fibrous materials manufactured into long flat pieces that are rolled up for easy installation. An erosion blanket can be made from a number of materials, coconut, straw, fabric, and even poly. What material you use all depends on you. For us, we use only natural materials because of allergies to man made materials, so we would only use the blankets made from plant material, but the choice is entirely yours.

When is the best time to install an erosion blanket? You want to install your erosion blanket, obviously before you plant your garden, but don’t wait till spring, the ideal time to install your erosion blanket would be in the fall, with late September being the best time. This of course will differ depending on your zone. The reason for doing this in the fall, is that your blanket will have a few months to embed into your soil, and become a more permanent part of your garden and landscape, making it easier to make you tiny holes to plant your seeds and starters in the spring.

Now for the really fun part of our buying and installing erosion blankets for your garden, the buying! Where do you buy an erosion blanket? I searched Lowes, and Home Depot with no luck, but I found a few places on the Internet that sells natural erosion blankets, as well as poly, and fabric too. AKA, Enviroscape, is a manufacturer of straw, straw and coconut, coconut, excelsior, and poly blankets. has a nice line of natural straw erosion blankets. uses straw and netting to make a natural, biodegradable erosion blanket. has a really good line of erosion products. Besides blankets, they also have erosion control rolls! BenMeadows also carries erosion blankets made of fabric!

I also found a lot of links on erosion control at Many of the companies were focused at big business erosion control sales, but a few cater to backyard gardeners too.

Now let’s get that blanket installed. This is actual the easy part. Step by step, remove all sod from your chosen garden area, till the area about three times, (on different days), then add any lime, bone meal, or any other fall nutrient your soil may need, then get your erosion blanket out, and just roll it out, then take landscape staples to hold it in place, and place a few along the edges to hold your blanket in place. You don’t need a lot, because the rains and dirt under the blanket will in time, hold the blanket in place. If you are doing a garden on the side of a hill, this will require more staples than flat ground. If you are doing a large area, we just use one staple to hold two strips, side by side.

Another form of erosion blankets, although they are not called erosion blankets, are those seeded mats you can buy with wildflower seeds, and other seeds already embedded into the natural fibers. It is very much the same thing, but with seeds already in them, so all you have to do is prepare the soil, then roll out the seeds mat! Erosion blankets are also good for keeping the weeds from growing, which saves you a lot of time weeding the garden! Another bonus to these, is the roots that the plants form, also helps to keep erosion down.


Choosing Baby Blankets

Whenever you go out shopping for baby blankets you will soon discover that there are essentially 3 different types of baby blankets. These include fleece, cashmere and knit. Each of these different types of blankets has its own unique texture which in turn gives it its own unique feel. For this reason, it is important to have some information about each of these different types of baby blankets.

To begin with you should know that a fleece blanket will provide your baby with the exact amount of warmth that he needs. This means that he will not become too hot or too cold and thus not grow fussy for either of these reasons. You should also know that these blankets are very easy to wash. They actually only need to be washed once a month. If you have older kids, you may also want to look into weighted blankets. We recommend Namaste Blanket’s weighted blanket for kids

The next type of baby blankets that you should know about are cashmere blankets. Surprisingly, even though cashmere blankets are light weight, they are still very warm and very soft. For this reason, they can be easily used in both your baby’s bed and your baby’s stroller too. However, if you want to keep these blankets soft, then you are going to need to wash them by hand. You will also notice that these types of blankets are also a bit more expensive in price but once you stop to consider just how durable and comfortable they are, you will see that these blankets really are worth the added cost.

The final type of baby blankets are knit baby blankets. You will find that most knit blankets are actually handmade by someone who wants to show you just how much they really care about both you and your baby. Another one of the great things about knit baby blankets is that they can be made in any color so as to fit the décor that you choose to use in your baby’s nursery.

Knowing the difference between these 3 types of baby blankets will help you to make a better, more informed decision about which type of blanket is going to be best for your baby. Of course, each parent will reach their own decision and choose something different that they think will work best for them and their baby. This is fine though since there really is no such thing as the wrong type of baby blanket, which is why there is something available for everyone.

Baby Blanket Upholstered Headboard

This Baby Blanket Upolstered Headboard is the perfect way to recycle those super soft baby blankets into a fun décor project in a toddler’s room. You can keep the baby blanket out on display and provide a super soft headboard on your toddler’s grown up bed.

Baby Blankets are such a wonderful and cozy reminder of a time gone by. Many people often receive these baby blankets as gifts for their newborn. So, try making this simple baby blanket headboard and keeping those baby blankets useful for as long as possible.

Making a Baby Blanket upholstered headboard is an easy weekend project you can make all by your self to fit any sized bed.

Use your child’s favorite Baby Blanket to make this simple upholstered headboard.

You can complete this Baby Blanket project in one day, for less than $40.

To Make an Upholstered Baby Blanket Head Board You Will Need:

MDF (1 or 3 Pieces, sizes described below)

Jig Saw


Baby Blanket (s)

Staple Gun


Flat L brackets

Spray adhesive

The first step is to cut your MDF to size. I recommend letting the professionals at the home improvement store make these cuts for you. They only charge 25 cents a cut!

My measurements are merely recommendations for a Baby Blanket bed headboard. You can easily change the dimensions of this headboard for a twin, full, or king-sized bed based on the size of your bed.

Cut three separate pieces of MDF to these specific measurements:

Tip: If your baby blanket is large enough you can cut one piece of MDF and cover the entire headboard with one blanket.

Measure how wide your bed is.

Now, have the MDF cut to the largest square possible to match the width of your toddler’s bed. You can always make it larger if your want though! The look is in threes, so three across is what we are going for.

You need at least three of these, but you can make it as wide or as tall as you want.

Now, cut a piece of foam to fit each of the three or more pieces of MDF exactly. You can buy sheets of foam at any fabric store. To save time you can as them to cut it. You can also easily cut it at home using an electric knife.

Lay your pieces of MDF outside on a flat work surface. Spray each piece lightly with a strong adhesive spray. Lay the corresponding foam piece on the MDF and press it into place. The spray adhesive with hold it in place so it does not ever move.

Now, cut your Baby Blanket out to squares that are about three inches wider and taller than your MDF squares.

Lay the Baby blanket square face down on a clean flat work surface. You want the pattern you want to see laying down on the table.

Lay the corresponding piece of MDF and foam down on the back of the Baby blanket Square. The foam should be touching the back of the Baby blanket square.

Start in the middle of each side. Pull the Baby blanket up and over the back of the MDF. Use a staple gun to attach it in place. If you are worried about damaging the Baby blankets you can use upholstery tacks.

Do the middle of each of the four sides first. Pull the Baby blankets in taunt each time. Evenly work your way out from the center staples. Do the four corners last? To make them neat practice folding them over like you is wrapping a package. Once you have the right look staple the corner fabric into place.

Repeat this process on all of the pieces of the Baby blankets headboard.

Now, once all of your Baby blanket pieces are covered you need to lay them face down on a clean work surface. Place three in a row or however many you need to be as wide as your specific bed. Line the squares up at the bottom of the headboard. This line should be straight, causing a straight line at the top of the Baby blankets headboard.

Use a metal flat bracket to attach each piece of the Baby headboard together. Place one at the top and one at the bottom of every piece of the headboard. The left hole of the bracket should be on the left piece and the right hole of the bracket should be on the right piece. You can find these flat brackets where the L brackets are in the hardware store. Make a mark where each hole falls with a pencil. Pre drill the hole about ½ inch in. Lay the brackets back in place and screw them into place.

Screw in picture hanging hooks onto the left and right sides of the back of the upholstered Baby headboard. If you are making this exceptionally large, bigger than the recommended dimensions here, use heavy weight picture hanging hooks. The hooks should be installed about four inches in from the left and right side of the headboard. They should be about 2 inches down from the top of this piece.

Install you screws into the wall and hang your upholstered Baby blankets headboard.

Kid’s Beds and Bedroom Furnishings – A Customers Overview

There are a lot of options offered when considering beds as well as furniture for children’s rooms. The introduction of the internet has had a massive effect on the selections readily available to us as customers, yet with a lot selection how do we picked which furnishings is right for our children?

The response to this inquiry is undoubtedly different for each moms and dad although there are some fundamental concerns that you can ask yourself prior to you start looking which need to ultimately assist you make the right choice.The first concern is what type of bed should I be looking for? This may seem like a strange beginning factor however also the most standard of search on the internet will reveal that there is a huge selection of makes and also styles of children’s beds on the marketplace. They essentially break down as follows:

Typical Solitary Beds & Room Sets Captains Beds – Somewhat greater than a conventional solitary usually with storage or a pajama party bed underneath Cabin Beds or Mi sleepers – A bed between 60 as well as 80cm off the ground with either furnishings or a “den” beneath Bunk Beds High sleeper Beds – A bed between 130 as well as 150cm off the ground with either room or furnishings beneath

Typical design single beds and captains’ beds appropriate for children of practically any kind of age where as cabin beds match youngsters from 4 years as well as bunks as well as high sleepers are not suggested for kids under 6 years old. Obviously, every youngster is various and you as a moms and dad will know if you really feel comfortable allowing your youngster sleeping on the particular bed you picked.The more standard single bed with matching furniture will certainly work in larger areas as will certainly a captains bed, however if your area is little as well as you intend to optimize the space you have after that a cabin bed, high sleeper of bunks may be the means to go.

Bed and Bedroom Designs

There are lots of variables to remember while developing a room such as bed and also bed linen, furnishings and also fixtures, lights, floor covering and also shade combinations. But the most crucial factor to determine is the bed. Select the bed as per the size of the room. Think upon the form, convenience and also storage. Today markets supply developer beds with the center to store inside the drawers, side boards and foot boards as well as also beneath the bed. You can save your things such as pillows, blankets, rugs, bedding’s and much more to save area. Keep undesirable things out of your eyes by storing it respectfully as well as smartly. A Shelf or a straightforward cupboard for publications can also enhance the look of the bedroom. A minimum display screen of points in the room can make it look a lot roomier as well as tidy. Sofa cum bed is a new and also distinctive suggestion for little bedroom. Choose pressed furnishings and components.

Although deciding on the color scheme are often individual concerns there are some colors which are more relaxing as well as better fit for your resting place. Brighter colors may lead to a better mood but may additionally maintain you awake for a longer time in the evening. Avoid dark as well as plain colors for your bed room. If you love utilizing shades like blue, red and also brownish for your home furnishings after that go with fresh and also light colors for bed room wall surfaces. Furnishings in this space usually looks excellent in brownish. However, you can experiment with various other shades if you want a various try to find your space. Try to utilize bedding’s with fresh colors. Fresh shades make you feel happy and also contended. Room will look bigger and also far better with pink, purple, white, lotion and yellow colors. Trying out published stuff for your bed sheets and drapes. opt for combinations of your selection. Use ultra-soft materials for your bed sheets as well as cushions. Do not be reluctant to blend and also match

Opulent Princess Beds and also Bedroom Style for Your Swank Princess

At the heart of any princess’s bedroom, naturally, is her bed. It’s where she obtains her appeal rest. And so, it needs to be as beautiful as she is, and also as comfortable as they both are attractive. Numerous little princesses enjoy princess castle beds – ladies bunk beds that can double as a play house, developed in the shape as well as design of a small castles. The surrounding room style can after that integrate the aspects of the remainder of her kingdom. A drawbridge can lead out from these castle beds across a soft blue rug as the moat, into a large kingdom painted as a mural on her four walls.

Certain various other option accessories contributed to the room design can match the princess castle bed and highlight the feeling of being treated like a woman. For instance, no correct girl would lack a dressing table, or at least an extravagant closet or cabinet proper a lady and a well-illuminated mirror for her to appropriately spruce before. A night table or nightstand is likewise an elegant and extravagant touch for a little girl – and one that can quickly be developed right into the design of the princess bed itself.

As a matter of fact, lots of kids furnishings parts required additionally by a swank princess and her presently ruling King and also Queen (that’s you) can be skillfully integrated right into a princess beds layout, consisting of shelves, drawers, hanging wardrobe room, cubbies, display cases, toy upper bodies, research study desks, and also much more.

In the method of other devices, large stuffed pets as well as fairy tale personalities will certainly provide her with based on rule over and also attendants to offer her whims (both of which are duties any posh princess’s moms and dad would enjoy no question to have actually taken off their shoulders for some time). In the method of other design elements, her favorite pictures, personal art work, and also any distinctions or awards she’s made can all be positioned plainly at her eye degree so she can always be reminded of just how much of a prize she is.